Lots of Details To Remember!

Budgeting for a wedding can be challenging. However, whatever your budget, you’ll need to make allowances for a number of things:

  • Your Organizer / Planner [Approx 3%]
  • Invites and Communications (e.g print / web) [Approx 5%]
  • Attire [Approx 8%]
  • Flowers [Approx 8%]
  • Entertainment e.g. Band, DJ, Karaoke [Approx 8%]
  • Photography / Videographer [Approx 10%]
  • Gifts [Approx 3%]
  • Rehearsal Dinner [Approx 8%]
  • Catering: Includes alcohol & the CAKE! [Approx 18%]
  • Reception / Venue [Approx 20%]
  • Transportation [Approx 2%]
  • Wedding Rings [Approx 3%]
  • Just-In-Case Funding e.g Taxes, Tips, Overtime etc… [Approx 5%]

Other Considerations

  • Decide what’s most important you. To clarify: must-haves, would likes, in my dreams…
  • Make a budget and don’t keep changing it!
  • If you are on a tight budget hiring a wedding planner can save you money, (that is to say, they have better negotiation tactics and know where to find the best rates).
  • Many costs are up-front, so make sure you have all the funding saved and ready-to-go.
  • If you are on a tight budget, pair-down your guest list. Do you really need your best-friend’s mother’s uncle attending?
  • Use a venue that let’s you BYOB


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